About SJSC

The South Jersey Shooting Club is a facility dedicated to the sport of shooting. It is made up of five firing ranges: 25 yds. hand gun and small caliber rifle; 50 yds. pistol, rifle, plinking, and shotgun patterning; the 100 yds. and 300 yds. center fire rifle; 50yds. Law Enforcement and military officials use the range on multiple occasions as well. 

The ranges are made up of 60′ by 24′ foot shooting buildings, comfortably equipped with 15 benches protected from the weather. There is a field archery course built to the specifications of the National Field Archery Association. The facility is a perfect place for a family to enjoy the great sports of target shooting and archery.

It’s a place to introduce kids to the safe handling of firearms and to gain respect for such arms. It is easy to become a part of the Club. Fill out an application, pay the annual dues, then attend an hour safety orientation. The club allows a guest for a small fee. There are also competition shooting matches held regularly.

The Club promises to be a place to spend time with people who share an interest in guns, hunting, and the outdoors.